X-Pac Mask Case



HIBI's mask case is designed to keep your mask in a hygienic place, for example, when eating or outdoors. This case allows you to put on and take off your mask without touching it with your hand.

You can keep it in your bag or pocket, or even hang it from your bag using a carabiner. It is designed to prevent the mask from slipping off when you store it.

In addition, there is a net material pocket on the back of the bag, so that you can use it to store germicidal gel, handkerchiefs and other items other than masks. Small items can be stored together.

The outer fabric is durable and waterproof so that it can be easily wiped off with a disinfectant spray for clothes after use. X-Pac, the lining of which is a waterproof fabric used for outerwear for outdoor use.

All products are made in Japan.

All products are made in Japan.

Made in JAPAN

All HIBI products are manufactured in our own domestic sewing factory in Japan, where quality and safety are of the utmost importance.

We ship worldwide.

We ship worldwide.


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