Our summer masks are made in Japan

Each of HIBI's washable, quick-drying masks for summer is produced in our own factory in Japan.
What's good about being manufactured in Japan? You'd think, wouldn't you? If you compare it with other cloth masks, you'll understand how good it is. I know it's hard to see over here, so I'll give you an explanation, if I may be so bold.

1.Cool material for summer

Hot weather masks... HIBI's quick-drying summer masks are made of 100% cotton (outer and inner lining) and are made from 100% cotton. It is made of TORAY's cool, comfortable new synthetic Theo Alpha, which has more water absorption than the material. Therefore, it quickly wicks away sweat in the mask and keeps it dry.
Please compare the heat with a surgical mask (paper mask).

2.Three-dimensional mask structure and fine sewing techniques

The difference between a three-dimensional mask and a pleated mask is the fit to the face.
In terms of effectiveness, three-dimensional masks have less leakage and less slippage, while pleated masks can be expanded to cover a wider range of facial sizes and shapes.
In terms of heat, a three-dimensional mask is much cooler than a pleated mask because the amount of fabric used is less and the entire mask can be unified to the required thickness.
The HIBI mask is lined a few millimeters smaller and cut with a bias (diagonal) to make it easier to stretch and fit your face so that the lining does not become limp.
It's hard to tell because the difference is only a few millimeters, but if you look at the photo, you can see that the outer fabric is slightly on the back side and the eyes of the fabric are at an angle.
Of course, the part where the elastic is threaded through the armpit is also lined with a shortened folded section to prevent it from becoming too thick.

3.Available in a wide range of sizes from SS to LL

Available in a wide range of sizes from SS to LL
Because the width of the mask is narrow, HIBI offers 5 sizes from SS to LL for your comfort.
To be honest, the SS and LL masks are very inefficient in terms of production and inventory management since the sales volume of these masks is small, but they are masks that everyone has no choice but to use, and we believe that this is the only thing that can be done because of the small number of masks produced in Japan.
Please note that the size of the Namarin print is limited. Sorry.

4.Stopper to adjust the length of the elastic

Stopper to adjust the length of the elastic
The rubber on the ears has a stopper that allows you to adjust the length of the rubber, so you can adjust the length of the rubber on your face It fits by It is possible to make subtle adjustments in millimeter increments to reduce the burden on the ears and to withstand long hours of wear.
It's... It's quite a pain in the ass to put on.

5.Nose wire to reduce pain without slipping

Nose wire to reduce pain without slipping
The nose wire that fixes the shape of the nose part and prevents leakage is made of non-metallic material.
Although the mask is made of non-metallic material, it has to be fixed in place to prevent it from slipping, and HIBI's mask has a thin pocket where the nose wire is inserted in the seam allowance.
This will reduce pain by providing a buffer between the nose wire and your face, and it will also keep the stitches that hold the nose wire in place from appearing on the surface for a cleaner look.
There is a product that can change the collar of the blouse etc. to the shape of the collar by putting the wire etc. of the memory of the shape in the collar of the blouse etc., and it is the device from such an experience though it is less recently.

6.A cloth mask that does not lose its shape after being washed

A cloth mask that does not lose its shape after being washed
The merit of cloth masks is that they can be washed and used over and over again, making them eco-friendly and economical. However, it is useless if they lose their shape after being washed once or twice.
The center of the HIBI mask has a thin seam allowance of 5 mm and is held in place with a covert stitch to one side. And it keeps its beautiful shape even after washing. (I sewed it twice to keep it in shape instead of once to hold the fabric together. )
Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, masks have become indispensable when going out, and the use of The hours have become longer and longer, but the HIBI masks make everyone as comfortable as possible. and hopefully the day will come soon when this mask will not be needed. All of our employees are dedicated to sewing masks.

Made in JAPAN

All HIBI products are manufactured in our own domestic sewing factory in Japan, where quality and safety are of the utmost importance.

We ship worldwide.

We ship worldwide.


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